Only a few ideas where to use our products

Many types of venues including retail stores, hotels, spas, cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants, fast food chains, gas stations, client centers, banks, public transport vehicles and so on.


ISR-1 Instore audio player


  • The ISR-1 instore audio player is designed for venues with amplified speaker system.
  • Capable of online stream and stored audio content playback.
  • The robust metal housing, passive cooling and the quality components make this device perfect for 24/7 operation.
  • Its low power consumption, noiseless operation and reliability make our clients satisfied on every continent.
  • Device and content management is available via Internet, through our Sherpa system, Music Admix or any third party CMS capable to work with our Sherpa via poublic API
ISR-100 Instore audio player with amplifier


  • The ISR-100 can everything that ISR-1 offers plus it has a 60W power amplifier that makes it a perfect choice for providing amplified audio content for venues up to 200sqm.
  • As option you can choose a model with audio line-in with audio ducking, so you can play sound coming from external sources (such as announcements, jingles etc.)
MPX-1 Instore audio and video player


  • The MPX-1 device has all the features of ISR-1 plus it can play 1080p video content: videos, still images or HTML pages.
  • An ideal choice to play background music and audio advertisements plus also play a slideshow or a promotional video with a single device.
  • Besides remote management you can update content locally via USB, too.
QPX – Android based digital signage player


  • QPX is an Android based digital signage player for showing video content on up to 2 screens. Via its Dual HDMI output you can play different content or one content split to both screens.
  • Multizone screen layout, RSS feed and HTML5 are supported.
  • Content and device configuration can be managed online or locally via USB.



Non-stop operation

All devices designed to run 24/7

Remote management

Full device and content management via Internet

Touchproof design

No button to press

Highly affordable

Competitive device price, no hidden costs

2 years warranty

Extendable upon request


We are open for tailor-made solutions: branding, customer features or OEM projects


Plug&Play installation, no need for professional IT support

Low Power Consumption

Environment-friendly and cost-effective

Free CMS option

Dension offer free of charge device and content management to their devices

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